Wes says otherwise because he doesn't know what he's talking about. In snowy (or even really wet) conditions, FWD is superior to RWD. As you say, more of the weight is over the front wheel in almost all driving situations unless you're accelerating hard - which you shouldn't be doing in dicey traction conditions… » 1/22/15 10:27am Thursday 10:27am

In the '70s and '80s, William Safire started it and relentlessly promoted it. It caught on with other members of the media. Of course, the reason he did it (and only admitted to it later) was to associate Watergate with lesser, asinine scandals as a way to unconsciously diminish the severity of Watergate in the minds… » 1/22/15 9:36am Thursday 9:36am

I think when you said "we both live in Poughkeepsie" people took that as out of college and living together on your own in your mid-20s as opposed to you both going to school together. That's how I read it at least. » 1/20/15 3:02pm 1/20/15 3:02pm

You're an idiot. Less than 15% of the fund goes to transit. If you think 2.5 cents per gallon is what we're short by, you're incredibly out of touch with just how badly underfunded our transit is at this time. » 1/20/15 10:25am 1/20/15 10:25am

Anschutz actually used to own like 5-6 of the teams. They were primarily vehicles for expanding AEG's concert venue business. Demand soccer specific stadium to be built with taxpayer funds, give ownership/operating rights to AEG, make sure it also hosts concerts, etc. If AEG had asked for public funds to build a… » 1/16/15 12:38pm 1/16/15 12:38pm

That's what I thought at first, too, but the direct quote is "I won't be making the move to Qatar or the USA" which implies moving to the leagues. Could just have been a misstatement and he meant he wouldn't be moving to the USA or going to Qatar as a reserve in the World Cup. » 1/14/15 2:20pm 1/14/15 2:20pm

Couldn't agree more with you on the Focus. I have no first hand knowledge of the GTI, but the Focus's interior is hateful. It's like they went out of their way to punish anyone who didn't want to opt into their touchscreen nonsense. » 1/12/15 11:15am 1/12/15 11:15am

Both the Rams and the Raiders left the area because nobody in SoCal would build them the publicly financed stadiums (or pay for the renovations) they demanded. So they moved on to lesser, more insecure cities that would. Had nothing to do with being an "NFL-ready" market (whatever that's supposed to mean) or with… » 1/08/15 10:43am 1/08/15 10:43am

I'm in Falls Church and sorry, but he's right. There was maybe an inch of snow (MAYBE) when I left for work at 7:15. While the roads were neither plowed nor treated, there also wasn't any ice and I didn't slide anywhere. » 1/06/15 4:33pm 1/06/15 4:33pm

It won't help decrease congestion at all. The traffic problems are all local. Once you clear the local LA or Bay Area traffic, it's pretty smooth sailing between the two cities. It's expensive, it's impractical, and it solves absolutely no problems. » 1/05/15 9:14am 1/05/15 9:14am

Come drive around DC. You can get tailgated in the right lane with an empty lane to your left. For some reason, people out here think the appropriate following distance at highways speeds is three feet. It's inexplicable. You'll have a cluster of 5-6 cars, each tailgating each other, driving down the highway and then… » 1/05/15 8:56am 1/05/15 8:56am